AI predictions 2020

2020 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Predictions

As every year, the leading technology companies have made their predictions for 2020 on new technologies. According to Gartner in its annual report “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020”, top technology predictions for 2020 will be: Hyperautomation, Multiexperience, Technology Democratization, Human Augmentation, Data Transparency and Traceability, Empowered Edge, Distributed Cloud, Autonomous Things, Practical Blockchain…

Prescriptive Analytics in Artificial Intelligence

Prescriptive Analytics is very valuable in the Artificial Intelligence field

Last June 20th, in the webinar “The value of Prescriptive Analytics in Artificial Intelligence”, one of our experts in Data Analytics explained what this analytical technique is, how it works and what benefits it brings to businesses. If you are interested in this webinar, you’re lucky! Now you can watch the webinar video here. “Intelligence…

Artificial Intelligence trends

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence trends in 2019

According to Gartner, during 2019 the most relevant technological trends will focus on Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing and Blockchain. Of these, Artificial Intelligence trends will be among the most significant. The growing need to automate business processes to ensure the sustainability of operations and maximize profitability, along with the digitization, has increased technological…

Artificial Intelligence

How Different Sectors are Using Artificial Intelligence

Implementing AI in companies Today, many companies are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and believe that these technologies will help them with their digital transformation. By using data analysis and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, such as automatic learning or decision-making based on these data, companies in all sectors can optimize and automate their…

IoT help the insurance industry

How does IoT help the insurance industry?

Today, no one questions that ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is transforming the model of the relationship between consumers and providers. And there is no industry that is not affected. For example, IoT helps the insurance industry to improve their relationships with customers. In 2016, companies invested 700 billion dollars in IoT (hardware, software or services) worldwide.…


Let’s talk about Advanced Analytics: A brief look at Artificial Intelligence II

In this second post, we cotinue to explain the meaning of other analytic disciplines such as prescriptive analytics or cognitive computing.
Prescriptive analytics has a big potential to be a disruptive power in business. Along with predictive data, prescriptive analytics can contribute valuable knowledge about what can happen in the future and automate decision-making to achieve business goals.