Artificial Intelligence

How Different Sectors are Using Artificial Intelligence

Implementing AI in companies Today, many companies are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and believe that these technologies will help them with their digital transformation. By using data analysis and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, such as automatic learning or decision-making based on these data, companies in all sectors can optimize and automate their…

profitability in today's manufacturing industry

The key to profitability in today’s manufacturing industry

In the data age, process digitalization in the 4.0 industry is helping to dynamize the production and logistics processes of companies.
The use of data and advanced analytics in a manufacturing company can currently lead to improvements of up to 40% in the company’s total gross margin.
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Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry. Annual budgeting

Today’s competition in many manufacturing industries is leading companies to expand their product portfolio, which combined with the advanced technology present in modern production sites, raises the need for efficient production planning. Often times, purchasing new production machinery is not an option because of the increase in fixed costs. Hence, efforts are being directed towards technology and efficiency improvement.