DECIDE to run…through the mountains

This coming Sunday, 16 June, Mario Yllera and Rafa Collado will start running… Start? As if it were so simple. On Sunday they will be surrounded by people in the Alpine Marathon of Madrid, with the support of sponsoring companies such as Decide and apparently even with good weather; but as far as running…they haven’t stopped doing it in the last two years.

Who we are at Decide

During the recruitment processes at Decide one of the questions candidates ask me is “What are you like here?” It’s a question I truly appreciate, because deep inside I think when we all make the decision to start a new stage in our professional career, if we are really interested we think about what the company is like, the ins and outs.

Is there life after the alarm clock?

My alarm clock goes off every morning, I open my eyes and get ready to go to work. Why? What pushes me to do this? The first simplest and most obvious answer is what a friend of mine says, “I work because for now it’s the only thing I get paid to do”. That’s true. But that is not what I think about the minute I get up. From bed to shower many other reasons come to mind.

Almost a palindrome

To determine if a number is almost a palindrome, we would need to define a function that allows us to measure the distance from being a palindrome. Once such as measure were defined, we would need to define a threshold of values for which we would consider the licence plate to be almost a palindrome.