Digital Decisioning Platforms

Digital Decisioning Platforms: Human Intelligence and AI to make better decisions

AI-based technologies are very useful for drawing conclusions and finding patterns in huge amounts of data, something that would be impossible for a human to do. But making a good decision does not only require data, it also requires knowledge, an expert logic that is applied to that decision. In business decisions, that knowledge or…

digital decisioning

Digital Decisioning: decision management by integrating automation, advanced analytics, and business rules

The high volume of decisions a company must make, their complexity and direct impact on customer experience and the profitability of the business, make automated, real-time decision-making necessary. As we already mentioned in our article “Applying Artificial Intelligence to decision-making (spanish),” Digital Decisioning is the field that deals with business decision-making, using and integrating different…

Artificial Intelligence trends

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence trends in 2019

According to Gartner, during 2019 the most relevant technological trends will focus on Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing and Blockchain. Of these, Artificial Intelligence trends will be among the most significant. The growing need to automate business processes to ensure the sustainability of operations and maximize profitability, along with the digitization, has increased technological…

profitability in today's manufacturing industry

The key to profitability in today’s manufacturing industry

In the data age, process digitalization in the 4.0 industry is helping to dynamize the production and logistics processes of companies.
The use of data and advanced analytics in a manufacturing company can currently lead to improvements of up to 40% in the company’s total gross margin.
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How Advanced Analytics can help increase business management productivity

The deep digital transformation affecting industries such as finance and insurance has changed the business environment, giving companies the opportunity to increase business management productivity. The channels used to offer the companies’ products and services have been increased. As a result, the complexity of the design, definition and execution of commercial strategies has increased. This…