previsión de la demanda

Demand Forecasting – What it is and what methods does it use?

Demand forecasting systems are a very helpful tool for advanced process planning and for combating uncertainty in coverage forecasting. But what do we mean when we talk about uncertainty? Uncertainty is present in each and every business. It is the impossibility of knowing with certainty how a situation, a project or a business strategy will…

asset maintenance

Why prevention is key in asset maintenance

Technological advances have sparked interest of operational excellence companies during the few last years and have created has a new era in assets management. This is the impression of a majority of executives and managers whose businesses are based on the asset maintenance. They consider the possibility of using and analyzing extensive amounts of data…

competitive in the logistics industry

Infographic: How to be competitive in the logistics industry

In a hyperconnected and data-driven world, sectors like logistics have to reinvent themselves and adapt to new technologies. Not doing this meant that they can not be competitive in the logistics industry today. To be competitive in the logistics industry today is not an easy job. Many processes, professionals, material assets, and more actors, variables…


Let’s talk about Advanced Analytics: A brief look at Artificial Intelligence II

In this second post, we cotinue to explain the meaning of other analytic disciplines such as prescriptive analytics or cognitive computing.
Prescriptive analytics has a big potential to be a disruptive power in business. Along with predictive data, prescriptive analytics can contribute valuable knowledge about what can happen in the future and automate decision-making to achieve business goals.