Planificación óptima de los mantenimientos de las instalaciones eléctricas

Optimal Planning of Maintenance of Electrical Installations

In this article, we tell you how state-of-the-art models and algorithms help to optimize maintenance planning for electrical installations. To guarantee the proper functioning of the electricity system, distribution companies carry out routine maintenance, revision, and inspection work on electrical installations throughout the distribution network. The aim is to ensure continuity of supply in all…

previsión de la demanda

Demand Forecasting – What it is and what methods does it use?

Demand forecasting systems are a very helpful tool for advanced process planning and for combating uncertainty in coverage forecasting. But what do we mean when we talk about uncertainty? Uncertainty is present in each and every business. It is the impossibility of knowing with certainty how a situation, a project or a business strategy will…

Analítica Predictiva y Machine Learning

Examples and implementation of a Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning model

Predictive analytics is used to predict a future state or outcome by applying different statistical techniques to data. Some examples of results of the application of predictive analytics are: predictions of demand, consumer behaviour or machine maintenance needs. Among the analytical techniques used for predictive analysis we find the famous Machine Learning. The advantage of…

profitability in today's manufacturing industry

The key to profitability in today’s manufacturing industry

In the data age, process digitalization in the 4.0 industry is helping to dynamize the production and logistics processes of companies.
The use of data and advanced analytics in a manufacturing company can currently lead to improvements of up to 40% in the company’s total gross margin.
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How Advanced Analytics can help increase business management productivity

The deep digital transformation affecting industries such as finance and insurance has changed the business environment, giving companies the opportunity to increase business management productivity. The channels used to offer the companies’ products and services have been increased. As a result, the complexity of the design, definition and execution of commercial strategies has increased. This…


Let’s talk about Advanced Analytics: A brief look at Artificial Intelligence II

In this second post, we cotinue to explain the meaning of other analytic disciplines such as prescriptive analytics or cognitive computing.
Prescriptive analytics has a big potential to be a disruptive power in business. Along with predictive data, prescriptive analytics can contribute valuable knowledge about what can happen in the future and automate decision-making to achieve business goals.