The improvement of techniques that fall within artificial intelligence has enabled the development of a new paradigm, cognitive analytics, which is capable of understanding, learning, recognizing and reproducing how the human mind works. These techniques are revolutionizing relationships between people and machines.

These cognitive intelligence techniques are a powerful tool for the processing of information in complex and unstructured formats such as natural language, making it possible to significantly improve human-computer interaction. In addition, it allows machines to automatically learn from data to answer complex questions that require capabilities associated with human intelligence.

Cognitive analytics allows, for example, the development of systems capable of participating in a meaningful dialog with users. These systems, which are commonly called chatbots, are based on the analysis of enormous amounts of complex data, coming to understand conversations with users by analyzing their behavior in previous conversations. They can even provide context and logical interaction based on data.

This more evolved level of advanced analytics is complemented by operations based on predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, which allows the automation of processes and facilitates complex decision-making, streamlining the day-to- day activities of companies to previously unknown levels.

Applications of cognitive analysis and chatbots:

Assistance in contracting processes or services for clients

repositorio conocimiento

Knowledge repository

plataformas interactivas

Interactive intelligent reporting platforms

There is a wide range of applications for cognitive analytics. For example, this technology helps the marketing departments of numerous companies by being able to recommend products in a personalized way according to each client’s needs, as well as setting up a customer service center that provides users with fully personalized services using automated systems with high response speed.

At decide we are committed to the improvement of advanced analytics techniques and the deployment of artificial intelligence in companies. Our team has years of experience in integrating analytics techniques at all three levels to provide advanced solutions to improve our clients’ financial performance by reducing costs and increasing their profits.

How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought
independent of experience, is so admirably adapted to the objects of reality?