The constant evolution of business models and consumer behavior drives companies into a spiral of continuous change if they want to survive and consolidate their market positions.

In sectors as competitive as the financial or insurance sectors, where product volatility is high, this need for evolution is further accentuated, requiring greater flexibility in systems to streamline their adaptation..

Companies offering products with high levels of personalization such as banking, insurance, travel agencies or transport companies face the constant challenge of adapting to the market. The systems that support your operations are often the biggest impediment to this much needed speed of adaptation. Having flexible solutions in processes such as subscription is key to achieving the desired agility.

Personalize your offering to improve customer experience

Las Business rules platforms, coupled with predictive analytics models, provide the capacity for change necessary to achieve excellence. This gives rise to the independence of the business and IT areas, drastically strong>reducing the time-to-market launch of new products or strategic upgrades of existing products.

Critical processes such as risk assessment, product pricing, application of procurement regulations or fraud detection are dramatically streamlined if the rules that define them are implemented using technology that gets them ready for change.

Main modules in the area of pricing and subscription:


Risk assessment


Fraud detection



Product pricing


Revenue management


Application of discounts


Contracting regulations


All regulations

Special pricing and subscription solutions:


Product pricer

Our pricing solutions make it possible to update price policies at the speed of change needed by the market.

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