In an area plagued by high fuel prices and volatile demand, delivering cargo at the lowest cost without compromising service levels is crucial to maintaining service quality. Creating optimal delivery and distribution plans at all times often requires a great deal of effort and continuous updating to keep these plans from becoming obsolete.

Can your company’s supply and distribution chain offer optimal plans, even in the face of inevitable last-minute changes and emergencies?


Optimal planning for valuable resources can mean the difference between a cost-effective and timely delivery and a costly error. A fast and efficient delivery is as positive as everything to the contrary is negative, with the possibility of resulting in a high cost overrun, or what is even worse, losing customers due to their dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Automate logistics operations efficiently

The limited resources of a company are often the common constraint in delivery planning. This is why an intelligent allocation of orders, vehicles, drivers and even routes is necessary to meet delivery targets. Operations need flexibility to overcome bottlenecks and capacity constraints, while continuing to comply with service quality agreements and efficiency in their implementation.

Automated logistics distribution planning solutions enable you to accurately forecast demand by using predictive analytics, techniques, as well as to manage and control inventory, optimizing product distribution and replenishment in the POS network.

Main use cases in the area of logistics and supply chain:

prediccion demanda

Demand forecasting


Inventory management

planificacion optima

Optimal replenishment planning

Specific logistics and supply chain solutions:


Distribution route planner

Optimize distribution route planning to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market and to satisfy your customers.

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replenishment optimization

Thanks to business rules engines, you can manage mid to long-term stock forecasting for your materials in order to reduce costs and guarantee service.

Other solutions