The human resources of a company are among its most important assets, and without a doubt, are one of the most complex, operationally and organizationally. Quality and efficiency in human resources management are key to gaining competitiveness and consolidating the companies’ positions in their markets.

Having your human resources aligned with the company’s strategy and planning daily activities are among the greatest challenges for any company.

For efficient human resources management, it is necessary to take into account all the key aspects of its life cycle, from selection and recruitment, to training and promotion, including its own day-to-day management, such as its planning and organization.

Use your employee data better to improve the efficiency of your human resources

Decision-making for each of these aspects can be done simply and appropriately by extracting knowledge from the large volumes of data that a company generates and manages on a daily basis.

Advanced data analytics provides the right answers to the most complex questions that arise in the different processes in the area of human resources, making it a strategic partner in the company’s growth.

Workforce analytics


Workforce analytics is a combination of methodology that applies statistical and analytics models to worker-related data, which makes it possible to optimize human resources management in line with the company’s strategy. Analytics can help companies develop and improve recruitment methods, improve decision-making when hiring and facilitating talent retention and promotion.

Workforce management


Workforce management is a set of advanced analytics techniques applied to workforce organization and planning aimed at improving workforce productivity, reducing labor costs, and improving service quality, without neglecting employee satisfaction.Workforce management has become one of the fundamental pillars in a company’s growth, as it introduces tools to control costs, improves service quality and increases revenues, leading to higher levels of operational excellence.

It provides functionality to forecast the company’s activity using advanced analytics techniques that also make it possible to calculate the optimal dimensioning or structure for the areas requiring planning, generating schedules and tasks for each employee in order to optimize staff performance and productivity.

Main use cases in the area of human resources:


Activity forecasting


Staff sizing


Workforce planning

Specific HR solutions:


Optimal staff scheduling

We offer flexible staff allocation and scheduling solutions for your company’s HR department.


workforce analytics

We provide workforce analytics solutions to bring the management of your company’s human resources to a high level of excellence that allows you to gain competitiveness and solid growth.

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Orquest is a specific tool for the retail sector capable of efficient store staff scheduling in order to improve performance and results.

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