Our success stories based on advanced analytics are the result of combining the latest artificial intelligence applications with a great team with many years of experience in the sector. The solutions we offer our clients are aimed at facilitating day-to-day work and helping them make important decision in real time.


Production planner

vidrio cua col

Industrial production planner

BANKINTER Optimizador de agendas comerciales

Sales schedule optimizer

Carrefour Cálculo de pedidos y aprovisionamientos

Calculating orders and supplies

DIA Envíos de almacén a tienda

Warehouse to store shipments

GAS NATURAL Planificador logístico

Logistics planner

IBERIA Planificador del simulador aéreo

Flight simulator planner

IBERIA Planificador de mantenimientos de corto recorrido

Short distance maintenance planner

METRO Sistema integral de asignación de recursos

Comprehensive resource allocation system

PROSEGUR Planificador de los servicios

Service planner

SERGAS Gestor de turnos

Healthcare staff scheduling

TMB Planificador del servicio de metro de Barcelona

Planner of the Barcelona metro service