Discover, analyse, check and optimise your processes with Process Mining

Get the traceability and transparency you need to scale your business by identifying opportunities for improvement at all times.

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is a process analysis discipline that seeks to discover, monitor and improve processes by extracting knowledge from event logs. It aims to utilise and transform the vast amount of existing data available in corporate information systems into knowledge in terms of business processes. 

Why Process Mining?

Achieve greater visibility and transparency

Identify and analyse actual processes to understand how business operations are executed.

Increases efficiency and productivity

 Uncover inefficiencies, analyse the real reasons why they occur and discover the potential for automation.

Improve customer experience

Understand the real Customer Journey and the different outcomes of your processes to sustainably optimise the customer experience.

Applying Process Mining in your business

From data to business value in 6 steps:


Why Process Mining with decide4AI?

You will choose decide4AI because:

We have a long track record in automation

We have extensive experience and expertise in process and decision automation.

We understand Processes

We have a staff led by experts with +20 years of experience in the sub-areas of processes, optimisation and automation.

We offer a competitive price

We ensure the highest quality with great experts and continuity in projects to maximise ROI.

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