Efficient planning in the areas of sales and marketing is critical in order to take full advantage of sales opportunities and maximize the return on investment of each marketing action.

Inefficiency in the area of sales and marketing translates into losses in sales, which means losing your market position and market share to your competitors. The importance of these functions directly affects the organization’s potential for growth.

Companies with a large sales force and a high volume of marketing actions are faced with complex planning, which makes maximizing sales and return on investment a real challenge.

Maximize the potential of your sales capacity

When the size of the sales force and the volume of actions to be managed are considerable, it is crucial to efficiently allocate the actions to the most suitable sales team to ensure success. This becomes a challenge when maximizing sales.

Our analytics models make it possible to discover your customers’ propensity to purchase and thus make the most of sales and cross-selling opportunities thanks to high-value information. You will also be able to anticipate customer churn and optimize sales planning for actions in a way that maximizes the conversion rate.

Main use cases in the area of sales and marketing:


Sales campaign optimization


Sales schedule optimization


Marketing campaigns


Customer loyalty and churn


Propensity to purchase


Calculation of commissions and incentives


Recommendation systems

Specific sales and marketing solutions:


Sales force planner

Increase your company’s performance and profits using our advanced analytics techniques which allow you to select and plan more effective marketing actions..

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