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Discover how the BPMS + BRMS + IA combination can highly help you to improve your business processes efficiency and costumer experience

What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomaton, digital process automation, or intelligent process automation, is the discipline which combines different technologies with AI-based optimisation, prediction and automation capabilities, which aims to facilitate the digitisation of end-to-end business processes, seeking efficiency and increasing the skills of people in each area of the company.

What does it allow to do?

Automatizar procesos empresariales complejos
Aplicar inteligencia a los procesos de negocio
Tener una visibilidad operativa 360º en tiempo real

Technological ecosystem

Hyper-automation combines and integrates different technologies:



Process Management – Business Process Management Suites. End-to-end process orchestration.



Decision Management – Digital Decisioning. Systems for decision-making based on business rules.


Artificial Intelligence

Analytical techniques for obtaining the value of data. Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Best Next Action.


Document Processing

Systems for document capture and processing. OCR – Optical Character Recognition.



Robotic Process Automation, for the automation of repetitive and low-value tasks.



Enterprise Content Management Services for the storage and management of the organisation’s content.


The combination of the different technologies achieves:

Improved employee productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and equip employees with the technological skills needed to perform their jobs while delivering human value.

Improved customer experience

 Incorporate intelligence into automation, reducing response times, and achieving significant reach and consistency in customer process experiences.

Increased visibility and operational efficiency

Collect and visualise performance KPIs at all times to optimise processes and operational decisions. Monitor the ROI of automation for continuous scaling.

Why apply Hyperautomation?

of business leaders say that automation can save them up to 3 hours of work per day.
of employees performing non-routine tasks will rely on AI in their jobs by 2022

decide4AI offers best-in-class hyperautomation capabilities

decide4AI offers a unified workflow that integrates the necessary technologies and models in a low-code environment. Our business empowerment approach enables rapid discovery, implementation, monitoring and optimisation of business automation. Hyper-automation with decide4AI enables organisations to scale beyond RPA, driving digital transformation and efficiency. Find out how we can help you with the capabilities and benefits of IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation.

Hyperautomation Market Leaders

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