decide is one of the leading companies in the Spanish market in the development of systems based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to improve and automate decision-making in planning.

Our goal is to help in resolving complex planning decisions and improving the operational efficiency of our clients. We know that the inner workings of each company are unique and, at times, complex, which makes it necessary to simplify processes through a platform that resolves them and improves their operational efficiency.

decide is the leader in applying a combination of:

  • Software development methodology with state-of-the-art techniques 

  • Advanced analytics such as predictive, prescriptive or cognitive analytics in the field of artificial intelligence

  • Business knowledge

At decide we offer our clients all the tools that facilitate more precise, agile and efficient decision-making, which add direct value to their businesses.

The solutions we provide bring such a high value to our clients that, in many cases, they are at the core of the competitive advantage that lets them consolidate their positions in their markets.


On numerous occasions, internal company planning becomes a real problem which affects not only production but also sales results. To address this, it is very important to make smart decisions to achieve results: increasing the ability to react to changes, reducing operational costs, optimizing the use of resources and improving the quality of the service provided to customers.

Thanks to the use of data through a combination of the latest optimization and analytics technologies, we are able to arrive at the optimal solution for the necessary implementation or decision-making.


In 2008, we started working with the aim of becoming the top choice of Spanish companies to incorporate Analytics Intelligence into their systems. Since then, decide has become the leading company, thanks to one of the most experienced teams of professionals in the sector.

Through the use of advanced technologies, we create environments of technological excellence to enhance teamwork, achieve maximum performance and ensure the success of our projects. The deployment of Analytics Intelligence or artificial intelligence in companies improves productivity and increase our clients’ potential for growth.


Arjen Heeres


Alberto del Barrio


Manuel del Barrio

Founder, Head of Business Development

Eugenio Martín

Founder, Head of Business Development

Javier Lafuente

Founder, Head of Product Development

Miguel Ángel Bógalo

Head of Services