UncategorizedControla el caos de tus procesos en todo momento con Process Mining

In this article we talk about the way to control the chaos of business processes at all times: Process Mining.

We could say that chaos is a constant in our daily lives. We live in increasingly complex, demanding and uncertain environments. A fact that forces us to have total visibility and understanding of our processes if we want to be able to adapt and improve.

The origin of chaos in business processes

When a company grows, processes evolve with it. When a company grows, processes evolve with it. It is clear that it is not the same to manage one hundred policy underwriting requests per day than to manage hundreds of thousands. You cannot use the same systems and models. Also, when the number of people or systems involved increases, so do the challenges of collaboration and communication. Generating bottlenecks, reworks, tasks stagnation, data loss, non-compliance, etc. Thus, processes that might seem simple at first glance, become huge and complex networks of instances, systems and people in which chaos prevails.

It is clear that the greater the number of instances, systems and people, the greater the complexity and the more necessary is to know the real execution of the processes and to detect these inefficiencies in order to solve them. This is the mission of one of the new technological disciplines that we have been talking about in decide4AI: Process Mining.

The solution to process chaos: Process Mining

Process Mining identifies and analyzes real processes to understand how business operations are executed, detects hidden inefficiencies caused by having too many systems that do not work well together, and helps to solve them with spectacular results.

More and more companies are applying this technology to, for example: determine workloads of users, teams, departments, and their under- or over-utilization in processes; manage risk, potential malpractices and fraud; or ensure regulatory compliance.

In addition, Process Mining is able to compare the theoretical framework with reality, monitoring process performance at all times.

Do you have a real control of your processes?

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